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Jan '22 - June '23

University of Washington

Bachelor of Science Informatics

Seattle, WA

Apr '21 - Dec '21

Seattle Central College

Associate of Science to Transfer

Seattle, WA

May '20 - Dec '20

Arizona State University

Bachelor of Science IT

Tempe, AZ



Python (intermediate)

Java (intermediate)

SQL (intermediate)

Git (intermediate)

R (intermediate)


Data analysis

Database mangement

Data visualization

Agile approach

Design thinking



Project management



English (native)

Korean (proficient)

French (proficient)


2022 - Current

Research Fellow

University of Washington

Seattle, WA

  • Conduct studies in collaboration with research team to evaluate human-robot interaction

  • Generate student engagement report to summarize stress levels in teens by means of a social robot 

  • Manage 500+ participant communication for streamlined study progression


Database Engineer

University of Washington - INFO 430

Steam Database (Doc File)

Seattle, WA

  • Conceived, diagrammed, coded, and populated original database using MS SQL Server 2016

  • Built stored procedures with input parameters, variables, error-handling, and explicit transaction to manage INSERT activity

  • Created synthetic transactions/test wrapper around original production stored procedures to validate throughput volume of 100,000+ INSERTS


Team Lead

University of Washington - INFO 380

  • Utilized Agile approach to analyze alumni information systems issues and opportunities

  • Built user stories, workflow diagrams, and prototypes on Axure

  • Analyzed design methods and techniques to identify stakeholder needs

Seattle, WA

2021 - Current


Mathematics, Engineering, Science Achievement (MESA)

  • Forge relationships with faculty and students to pinpoint areas of improvements for student success

  • Report student engagement to show program impact

  • Coordinate with institutions to encourage underrepresented groups in STEM majors

Seattle, WA


Director of University + Legislative Affairs

Arizona State University

  • Set policy for the first online student government at ASU

  • Hosted bi-weekly forums with faculty to create equitable opportunities for online students

  • 30+ contributions and 50+ edits to the student government bylaws and elections code



Project Manager

Seattle Data for Good

Seattle, WA

  • Partnered with Department of Commerce to orchestrate the rebuild of an interactive broadband usage map

  • Lead weekly Scrum meetings with the data, design, and research teams to troubleshoot team standstills and set weekly goals

  • Implemented Gantt chart to increase efficiency for all team huddles

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