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Sept '23 - Aug '24

University of Washington

Master of Science Information Management

Seattle, WA

Jan '22 - June '23

University of Washington

Bachelor of Science Informatics

Seattle, WA

Apr '21 - Dec '21

Seattle Central College

Associate of Science to Transfer

Seattle, WA

May '20 - Dec '20

Arizona State University

Bachelor of Science IT

Tempe, AZ



Python (intermediate)

SQL (intermediate)

R (intermediate)

Java (intermediate)

Git (intermediate)

Programming Tools

Jupyter Notebook

Azure Data Studio

VS Code





Data analysis

Database mangement

Data visualization

Agile approach

Design thinking



Project management



English (native)

Korean (proficient)

French (proficient)


2022 - Current

Research Fellow

University of Washington

Seattle, WA

  • Conduct studies in collaboration with research team to evaluate human-robot interaction

  • Generate student engagement report to summarize stress levels in teens by means of a social robot 

  • Manage data quality, reconcile anomalies, and improve efficiency in data management procedures of 1,000+ participants accompanied by detailed documentation across all stages


Database Engineer

University of Washington - INFO 430

Steam Database (Doc File)

Seattle, WA

  • Architected, diagrammed, coded, and populated original database using MS SQL Server 2016

  • Coded stored procedures with input parameters, variables, error-handling, and explicit transaction to manage INSERT activity

  • Created synthetic transactions/test wrapper around original production stored procedures to validate throughput volume of 100,000+ INSERTS in total


Team Lead

University of Washington - INFO 380

  • Executed project with Agile methodologies and maintained backlog on Azure DevOps

  • Constructed user stories, workflow diagrams, and prototypes on Axure

  • Analyzed design methods and techniques to identify stakeholder needs

Seattle, WA

2021 - Current


Mathematics, Engineering, Science Achievement (MESA)

  • Forged relationships with faculty and students to pinpoint areas of improvements for student success

  • Tracked 150 students and report program’s impact on student development for grant proposals

  • Coordinate with institutions to encourage underrepresented groups in STEM majors

Seattle, WA


Director of University + Legislative Affairs

Arizona State University

  • Set policy for the first online student government at ASU

  • Hosted bi-weekly forums with faculty to create equitable opportunities for online students

  • 30+ contributions and 50+ edits to the student government bylaws and elections code



Project Manager

Seattle Data for Good

Seattle, WA

  • Partnered with Department of Commerce to orchestrate the rebuild of an interactive broadband usage map

  • Lead weekly Scrum meetings with the data, design, and research teams to troubleshoot team standstills and set weekly goals

  • Implemented Gantt chart to increase efficiency for all team huddles

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